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 Simulation Environment Test Equipment manufacturer
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1.Product Introduction
The high temperature aging oven is used for high temperature aging test of various products to detect the high temperature resistance of the product.
2.Product Application: The high temperature aging oven is used to test the parts and materials of related products such as electronic and electrician, automobile motorcycle, aerospace, rubber, plastic, metal, ship weapons, used in colleges and universities, scientific research units, etc.
It is manufactured strictly according to GB/T2423.2-2008 high temperature aging test method.
3.Standards to comply:
High temperature aging oven should satisfy the following test standards:
*GB/T 2423.2-2008 Environmental Testing for electric and Electronic products: Part 2: High Temperature
4.High temperature aging oven in customer’s testing labs:

Model SV221 SV331 SVH221 SVH331
Inner Volume (L) 324 768 324 768
Performance parameter Temperature range (RT+20°C)~200°C (RT+20°C)~300°C
Temperature fluctuation #8804;100°C±0.4°C #8804;200°C±0.8°C #8804;300°C±1.2°C
Temperature deviation ±1.5°C ±2°C ±3°C ±4°C
Warm-up time (Environmental temperature +20°C)#8594;200°C:#8804;40min (Environmental temperature +20°C)#8594;200°C:#8804;60min (Environmental temperature +20°C)#8594;200°C:#8804;90min (Environmental temperature +20°C)#8594;200°C:#8804;100min
Inner size(mm) W610×H900×D600 W830×H1200×D800 W610×H900×D600 W830×H1200×D800
External size (mm) W770×H1500×D925 W1030×H1800×D1145 W780×H1600×D1025 W1130×H1900×D1245
Temperature & humidity regulating method Forced heated air circulation and air replacing mode
Working environment temperature (0~+40) °C
Material Shell Double size galvanizing steel plate plastics spraying treatment on surface
Inner shell Stainless steel plate SUS 201 mirror surface)
Thermal insulation Glass fiber
Regulator Heater Nicochrome fin heater
Air door Manual switching (the opening of the air door can be adjusted)
Fan 1 centrifugal fans 2 centrifugal fans 1 centrifugal fans 2 centrifugal fans
Rotation mode Fixed value rotation it can select the program rotation controller
Setting range 0°C ~+210°C 0°C ~+310°C
Display resolution Temperature#65306;0.01°C#65292;Time#65306;0.1MIN
Input Thermocouple
Operation interface Key setting mode
Control mode PID+SSR
Auxiliary function Input breaking wire detection function, over-heating alarm function of temperature, buzzer alarm function, overheat preventing function of automatic temperature, abnormal display, alarm number display, temperature time keeping function
Weight(kg) 190 320 240 370
Installed capacity (kw) 4.8 7
Power AC220±10%V 5KW 50Hz
Single phase + grounding wire AC220±10%V 8KW 50Hz
Single phase+ grounding wire AC380±10%V 8KW 50Hz Three-phase-four-wire+ grounding wire AC380±10%V 10KW 50Hz Three-phase-four-wire+grounding wire
Standard configuration Two sets of sample racks, four foot wheels (two active foot wheels and two fixing foot wheels), one sample power control terminal, three-core (single phase +grounding wire), power wire (6m), two 3A fuses, wire hole rubber plug and one cover; Two sets of sample racks four foot wheels (two active foot wheels and two fixing foot wheels), one sample power control terminal five -core, (three -phase -four-wire +grounding wire), power wire (6m), two 5A fuses, wire hole rubber plug and one cover;
Safety device Residual- current circuit breaker for power, temperature fuse, fan temperature switch, control loop short circuit, protection fuse, upper and lower limit temperature alarm and over- temperature protection setter
Purchasing element Wire hole#65288;#934;50 /#934;100mm#65289;
Wire hole rubber plug (#934;50/#934;100mm, match with the wire hole)
Sample rack and support, heaving sample and support, heaving inner box and bottom rack, time accumulator, temperature recorder, emergency stop switch, remote monitoring rotation, external alarm output terminal, air exhausting flange and stainless steel air exhausting bend pipe Power voltage
Remarks: 1.Data measured when the room temperature is +25°C and there is no sample condition and air replacing condition.
2.The fluctuation is shown by GB/T5170.2-2008.
3.It does not comprise the projecting portion.
4.Power: SV221 single phase, SV331 three phase
Microcomputer controller

Simplewell controller
Mitsubishi PLC
Graph of Temperature and Humidity Controlled Range Capacity

Optional parts
Remarks: choose according to demand
Polymeric membrane/rotary dehumidification device, the minimum can reach the temperature and humidity requirement (5 /5%RH)
The built-in tempered glass door facilitates the movement of tested products
Pure water clarification system, the function of automatic supplement of humidification water
The recorder can record test data in real time and print and save such data.
Ultrasonic wave humidification/hyperbaric spraying humidification system, optional for severe test requirements such as low temperature and high humidity or high temperature and high humidity for a long term
Dry air purging system, anti-condensation test requirement for special products

6.Major users:

Simulation Environment Test Equipment manufacturers
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